Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions.
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Q: Where do I find informational documents?

A: As a customer you can log into the RCS Customer Portal. There you will find several documents, webinars and tutorials to help you run your business. The portal also has links to several help sites.

Q: What are your support hours?

A: Our support department is available Monday thru Friday, 8am EST – 6pm EST. Emergency support is available after hours until 11pm EST and 8am – 11pm EST Saturday and Sunday.

Q: Who do I contact with billing question?

A: Please contact our Accounting Team at 800-417-3030 option 4.

Q: Will I be able to use my current credit card processor?

A: You are not restricted to a specific credit card processor with NCR Counterpoint. However, it is designed to run only under the following back-end processors: Worldpay, First Data South, First Data North, Chase Paymentech, TSYS, Vantiv, MOneris, Evalon, Mercury Payment Systems, Store Value Cards (SVC) or Givex.

Q: Can I use my current equipment?

A: If you are running Counterpoint on a Windows platform then the chances are YES. NCR Counterpoint will run on machines with 4GB or greater, running Windows Professional 7 or 10. Peripherals are a little more restrictive.

Receipt printers need to be Epson TM88V, EMV payment terminals must be Ingenico ISC 250, cash drawers must be POS driven and run in conjunction with the Epson TM88V receipt printers. Barcode scanners are typically universal as long as they have a USB Port.

Important note: Most desktop printers will work, with the exception of All-in-One Printers (fax, printer, scan and copier).

Q: Is Counterpoint PCI Compliant?

A: Yes Counterpoint is a PCI compliant application. However, it is the merchants responsibility to maintain PCI compliance. This includes, but is not limited to; having an active commercial grade firewall, anti-virus software, and enforcing password changes every 90 days. We recommend reviewing this with your PCI Auditors.

Q: Will Counterpoint integrate with my e-commerce site?

A: Yes, we have connectors for a number of different e-commerce platforms. Some of which include; Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce, and Woo Commerce.

Q: Can you merge my current data with NCR Counterpoint?

A: Yes, in most cases, as long as we can export the data out of your system, we can bring it into NCR Counterpoint.

Q: Where do I find online help for NCR Counterpoint?

Q: Where do I find answers to NCR Counterpoint FAQs?