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The Foyer Digital Retail Suite creates an intelligent, interactive customer experiences through touch screen ordering and a fully detailed catalog of all your products.

Touch Screen Ordering

Touch screens running Foyer let your customers know what’s in stock, product details, and guided shopping experiences that allow customers to select the products they want to buy and submit their order for retrieval.

Queue Management

Customers check-in upon arrival on the touch screen interface by entering their phone number to receive a text message when their order is ready, or when an associate is ready to see them.

Associates manage the queues for orders and face-to-face consultations, notifying the customer via text message when it is their turn.

Digital Signage

With Intelligent Digital Signage customers and staff will be immersed in a store experience that’s constantly changing to ensure the most contextually relevant visual merchandising is on display.

Concierge Order Management

Associates receive order requests for picking and can notify customers via text message when their order is ready for collection and payment. Concierge can be used on fixed screens in the picking area or on mobile devices.